May 18

Return of the burn

Guidelines for Reopening

In accordance with Government orders Muscles and Curves will take extra precautions to keep our community safe and healthy.

Hours of Operation:

Monday 5/18/20 and Tuesday 5/19/20 :  8am-8pm.

Wednesday 5/20/20:  Key For 24 hour access will be activated at 12am

Muscles & Curves has surrendered all monthly dues for the entire month of May. If you will be using the Facility anytime during the month of May, we are requesting that a purchase of a

Onetime Day Pass of $10.00 is made by each active member in lieu of dues. A Hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated to any of the following Charity of your Choice:

Michelle Lynn Holsey Foundation

Share Local Food Bank

Kaitlin Child Advocacy Center

Safety Measure Protocol:

Wash Hands Upon Arriving and Leaving the Gym: Both the women and men’s restrooms have been furnished with touch free soap dispensers and touch free 20 second timers to best meet CDC recommendations of handwashing.

Gloves: All Patrons/Members must wear a clean pair of Medical Disposable Gloves while exercising. A station with different size gloves will be set up in open gym area for your convenience. We ask that you wash your hands prior to grabbing a pair. Only one pair per patron/member will be provided on daily basis.

Strength Equipment:  All Patrons/Members must wipe down Strength Equipment used such as: All Benches, Machine Upholstery, all handles touched, bars used, medicine balls, bands, dumbbells, selectorized pull pins, mats and any other functional training tools.

Cardio Equipment: All Patrons/Members must wipe cardio equipment used including ramps/steps/footplates /rails or other areas highly touched or sweated.

Sneezing or Coughing: Please use your elbow or towel to cover your sneeze, cough.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Travel Declaration: Please allow a minimum of 14 days if you have been in confine with a person who has had an active case of Covid-19 or have visited a State considered a Hot Spot.

 Social Distancing

We are taking extra measures to facilitate social distancing. Look for extra signage

To guide you through these spaces and help us all practice social distancing.

6ft Apart: All Patrons/Members must maintain a minimum of 6ft distance from each other with exception of individuals living in same households.

Equipment Spacing: You will likely notice increase spacing between benches in free weight area. We have temporarily removed some benches to allow for the appropriate distancing while lifting dumbbells. We ask that you avoid moving benches. You will be asked to leave if you do so or banned. We kindly ask that you do your part in respecting our current placement of benches.

Hoist Rock-It Circuit: We have coded each piece with either a Lime Green or an Orange Circle on its tower frame. We are marking these two patterns to make it simple and as an example. If a member is using any piece of Hoist equipment, select to use the machine that matches the same color as the one being used. This will allow for appropriate distancing. Please use common sense.

Vanity Areas:  Our sinks are placed less than the required distance. In this case only one person will be allowed to use the sink area at once.

Facility Capacity Limitations:

Texas Gyms are all required to follow a 25% capacity restriction. Our open gym area will allow for 30 patrons/members. Our highest attendance days are Tuesdays. Our peak hours are from 4:30 to 6:30pm. Please be considerate of other members and dedicate your time to your workout. We are asking that you limit your workout to no more than 1 ½ hours. This includes your socializing time during peak hours or on days where an overflow may result.

Locker Rooms:

Our Locker rooms continue to be a focal for intensive cleaning as we continue to follow stringent sanitation protocols.

 Showers: Based on Government orders Showers Must remain closed. Shower area will remain locked. Toilets and sink will remain open.

Lockers: Please be respectful of locker usage. Top and bottom lockers are not allowed to be opened at the same time unless there is 6ft between members.

 Daycare Usage:

We ask that Children remain at home during the first phase of our reopening. We will ask you to take your child/children home if they show up with you.

Lobby Area:

Our Lobby will be used solely for transaction purposes. Mingling is discouraged in the lobby area for the safety of our Employees.


We understand your excitement to be back in the gym. All Selfies must meet Safety protocols if being taken inside the gym. Respect and honor the social distancing practices. Feel Free to take still shots of the gym itself without anyone violating our safety measures currently in place.