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Eunice Kitchen

Eunice Martinez-Kitchen

Eunice has over 20 years personal training experience and is certified by The American College of Sports Medicine. She is also a Fitness Specialist for the Older Adult certified by the Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research. Eunice holds a Bachelor of Science in Food Systems/Dietetics and uses it as a tool in her specialty of helping clients with weight loss management. Eunice has dedicated most of her career to Public health and has served as a Nutritionist under The Texas Department of Health and the University of Texas Medical Branch. After a lengthy apprenticeship in the Pilates Method, Eunice is now a certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor. She uses the Pilates movement as an additional component to improve flexibility, core strength, and endurance with her clients. She has received continuous training at workshops facilitated by some of Joseph Pilates Protégés such as Lolita San Miguel.

Eunice attained the National Level status in the sport of bodybuilding winning numerous competitions. Amongst some of those, The Texas Lone Star Classic where she place first and The Ms. Iron Maiden Bodybuilding Championships in Venice Beach CA featured on ESPN.

For those customers interested in Pilates, Muscles and Curves offers a full Pilates Comprehensive studio featuring Balanced Body Pilates Reformers, EXO Chair, Balanced Body Cadillac and other Pilates tools used to enhance balance, flexibility and core strength. All Pilates sessions are taught on a one to one basis and by appointment only.

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