Random Article

Well here goes. Making a bunch of text for some post or blog or article you should write about something. Life, the Universe, getting in touch with your feminine side, or just why no one knows how to parallel park anymore. The town square was a beautiful thing. Parking stinks, but everything was on the square. Oh yeah, we use to walk around to get places, now we need the closest parking space to the front door. Wait, someone should be moving soon. God Bless Texas!


New paragraph. Maybe we should talk about something else. Of course, the weather. It’s always hot in Texas. Except when it’s not. But there’s beauty everywhere in all different forms. East there’s trees, West there’s no trees, wide open spaces, Central it’s just rolling hills and wonder, South is Mesquite and never too cold, North is just not Oklahoma…a little something for everyone…God’s Country.


If you’re still with me, then remember to love your neighbor and love your spouse. Make the world a better place, we’re all in this together.

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